Thursday, April 29, 2010

What a difference a year makes!

Last year at this time I participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K. I had a great time, and raised quite a bit of money to support this noble cause.

What you may not know is what participating in this event did for me. As a result of my successfully walking the 3.1 miles, I became enthralled with the idea that I could do more. I trained and trained during the long hot Las Vegas summer, and in October completed my first Half Marathon. I've lost over 50 pounds since last May, and continue to lose as I train for more and bigger events!

This is me last year at the three mile mark. I was HOT, sweaty, exhausted, my legs were cramping, my feet hurt, and I was so glad that the end was in sight!

This event sparked something in me that is turning my life around. I've become an "active" person. I completed 1/2 marathons in October, December, and January, and have signed up for four more this year. I also started riding a bike, and with the friends I have made doing that, am going to ride in an event dubbed "100 Miles of Nowhere" on May 9th to benefit Livestrong. I feel like walking this event last year gave me back my life, not only physically, but emotionally as well.

I've become connected with a strong, healthy community of women here in Las Vegas, and have finally started to make some friends! I am truely blessed! That being said, I have decided that I will participate in the Susan G. Komen event, and have this be my only charitable fundraiser every year. My goal is to raise $500.00.
If you can, please help me reach that goal with your financial support. Online donations are simple, and the site is secure. Please go to my fundraising page and make a tax-deductible donation by clicking the link below. If you prefer, mail your donation today to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Southern Nevada Affiliate, 4850 W. Flamingo Rd., Suite 25, Las Vegas, NV 89103. Please make your check payable to: Susan G. Komen for the Cure and add my name in the memo. Thank you in advance for your support. Please contact me if you have any questions about the Komen Race for the Cure®.

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