Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Overcoming Limitations...

It's painful to admit, but there are some things that I just can't do... at least not yet.

For instance, I can't just jump off the couch and climb a mountain. I proved that this weekend. I also can't attempt to climb a mountain to the point where I hurt, and then expect to be able to ride distances I've never ridden the next day. This was my lesson for the weekend.

Saturday Cynthia led a group of us on a hike up the River Mountain Trail on the east side of Bootleg Canyon, just outside of Boulder City. This is a three mile hike up a canyon, then up some switchbacks to the first summit, across a ridge, then to a second summit. I've walked a 1/2 marathon three times, I should be able to do a stinking three mile hike, right?

This is the elevation map for the hike... Notice the purple at about 1.5 miles in.

Haha! No... I got about halfway up the canyon and couldn't go any farther. My hips hurt, I could feel my glutes tightening with every step, and I wimped out. I felt like a failure, but I justified stopping while the rest of the group continued on with the thought that I'd be saving myself for the big ride I had planned for Sunday. After mapping the hike I found that I did better than I thought. I climbed about 450 feet in elevation over a mile and a half, averaging between 5% and 10% grade.

I was very proud that Sarah managed to hike up to the first summit. There she got too cold and headed back down to meet me in the canyon while the rest of the crew hiked up to the second summit. The sun finally came out and warmed us all up for the fun downhill back to the car!

Sunday I had planned to ride all the way to Blue Diamond. Hmmm. That might have been optimistic on a day when I was rested and didn't hurt. What I didn't realize is that the road out past Red Rock Canyon to Blue Diamond happens to be an uphill grade for the first 6.5 miles.

Have I mentioned how much I love hills??? I made it a little over two miles before I couldn't go any further, and really enjoyed the downhill cruise back to the car. I drove out to the Red Rock Overlook, which was the designated turnaround and met the rest of gang, then headed back to Starbucks for some good conversation, coffee, and to drool over the beautiful bikes (and riders) congregating there.

I have some serious bike envy. I really need to get a road bike. I love the Tank because I feel secure on it, but it is very heavy. The prize for the best story of the day has to go to Kathi's tale of riding the Tank to Whole Foods for some milk... I laughed so hard I thought I'd start crying! It was nice to hear that even a seasoned cyclist could have a hard time riding the Tank. On the other hand, I consider it a great training tool. If I can get both myself and the Tank up these hills, imagine how it will feel when I lose some more weight and get a "real" bike! I'll be flying! :)

Yes, I overdid my training this weekend, and I'm really looking forward to my week in Hawaii starting tomorrow. When I get back I'm going to ride to the Red Rock Overlook, healed and rested. I know I can do it this time!

Thanks again to all my friends who are leading me down this path to fitness, and encouraging me to keep trying all the time... You are all truely saving my life by helping me to create a new me!

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