Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

New Year - New Goals...

It's traditional for folks to start the new year with resolutions. Resolving to lose weight, to quit smoking, to get in shape... I'm all for it! But it seems to me that making a resolution doesn't really DO anything. It's the action item that counts. So this year, I'm not making any resolutions, I'm setting goals.

Goals are tangible, goals are achievable, goals are within reach. Yeah, we can make unrealistic goals for ourselves, but when we make unrealistic goals we know from the start that they aren't going to happen. It's lying. To yourself. Do we think we can kid ourselves? Um, No.

Me... I'm going to do a Triathlon! Ok, just a Sprint distance Triathlon, but I'm going to complete it! Yep, me! The one I have in mind is in Santa Cruz, in August. What a great opportunity for me to get out of the flaming hot heat of Las Vegas! Of course, the tri is a great goal, and it will be attainable, but I also have other goals for the year. And so, with only a small fanfare, here they are:

1. Get on a bike and start riding. Just like when I started walking, I've just got to start. Same with swimming. Do it, get in the pool.

2. Train for and complete Arizona Rock 'N' Roll 1/2 Marathon on January 17th in 4:10 or less.

3. Train for, fund raise, and participate in the Susan G. Komen 5K as a Run/Walk entrant on May 1st, beat last years time of 1:13. This means starting the "Couch to 5K" program in February. This will be my only 'fund raising' race of the year, so make it count!

4. Participate in the Bay to Breakers, Wharf to Wharf, and other shorter distance races as a run/walk entrant.

5. Ride. Ride. Ride. Swim. Swim. Swim. Do this while following the "Couch to Sprint" program.

6. Finish the Santa Cruz Sprint Tri and then keep it up...

7. Complete the San Jose, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas 1/2 Marathons. Run/Walk? Walk? It's completely up to me... I'm aiming for run/walk. Heck, I'll be a triathlete by then, why not? Oh, and remember, it's all about the BLING!! When I complete these I'll earn the Fourtitude Medal. Woo!

8. Lose 100 pounds before January 27, 2011. This means lose two pounds a week. I can do it, here's how: a.) actually do the training workouts as outlined in my plan, and b.) manage calorie intake and calorie burn. I have the knowledge and the tools. I just have to put them into action.

There it is. A GOAL (or three), and a plan for achieving them. It's January 1, 2010. Let's do this! :)

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