Monday, June 14, 2010

Making Major Milestones!

Wow, what a weekend of accomplishments!

Friday we went on a hike to Mary Jane Falls. This hike starts at 7800' elevation up on Mt. Charleston and is a climb of about 1000' over a mile and a half of trail. Earlier this year I attempted to climb about 600' over 3 miles and had to stop about a mile and a half in...


Cynthia, Sarah, Elijah, and I took Summit for a birthday hike up to the falls. We packed a picnic (including a bottle of vino) and started out. In my excitement I inadvertently missed a few speed limit signs and was pulled over by Metro. Luckily he was impressed by Summit's incredible blue eyes and decided to cite me for considerably fewer MPHs over the limit than I was actually doing.

He's an amazing dog...

Anyhow, we drove up to Mt. Charleston and hiked up to Mary Jane Falls. Sarah was hiking on a badly strained ankle and Elijah is four years old, so the pace was just right for me! There are a series of twelve switchbacks up the side of the mountain. I had to stop often, mostly to catch my breath from the elevation, so the switchbacks were a nice place to stop. Summit also helped me by pulling me up the trail... he likes to lead, and wasn't happy unless he was in front! Once we arrived at the falls we rested, had some lunch and a glass (or two) of wine to toast my first successful hike in many, many years.

Yes, the wine was delicious!

Saturday was a perfect day for a bike ride. I met Christy and Kathi at Albertson's for another attempt at riding all the way to Blue Diamond. I was feeling strong, and they were a great support team. Ok, they had a great method to keep me going... they made me ride in front so I couldn't stop!

We stopped for a bit at the Overlook, and then headed out for Blue Diamond. Again, I led the charge down the hill. Near the bottom I noticed two women yelling and waving, but I didn't know them so I kept on. I flew down the hill and up the next, never having to shift out of my big ring. I was feeling fine and flying along, so it took me a few miles to notice that I was alone.

"Wow!" I thought, "I'm going so fast that I've lost them!" I'm still a little shaky on my bike, so looking behind me is sketchy. When they didn't catch me after a bit, I decided that I should stop and let them catch up. Um... yeah. Kathi caught me before I came to a complete stop and yelled for me to keep going. This is when my inflated ego crashed... I found out that they had both stopped to talk for a bit, that's why I was on my own!

Me in Blue Diamond.

We rode on and into the town of Blue Diamond, which has been a goal of mine for many months. Getting there was just half of it, though the ride back to town seemed easier than I remembered. Perhaps it was the lure of Starbucks at the end of the ride!

In the end, I conquered two of the things I considered obstacles. Now on to the next "challenge"!!

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