Wednesday, May 12, 2010

March Madness???

I'm beginning to think that I've lost my mind because I can't seem to remember what I've done over the last two months. There were a few remarkable items, but they all kind of run together. I've had fun, that I do know. And I accomplished a couple of things that I thought I couldn't.

When I last blogged about riding my bike I could only make it out Highway 159 toward Red Rock Canyon about 2.5 miles. The next week I decided to try it again by myself so I headed out early. I was determined to make it all the way to the overlook this time. As I rode along in my granny gear I had to keep telling myself that if I just made it to the next sign, rock, mile marker, or whatever, that I could turn around. Of course, because I'm stubborn, I also couldn't turn around. I really needed to make it farther than I had gone before.

I was so happy and excited to crest the first hill!! Yes, I was elated until I realized that the recovery downhill that I had counted on was practically non-existant and that the road immediately started climbing again. I passed the point where I had turned around previously and kept pedalling. I *AM* stubborn so I continued on from road marker to road marker with my hip flexors aching, my lungs heaving, and the tears flowing. It was so frustrating to be struggling up this miniscule incline and having tons of cyclists fly by like it was nothing. I want to be like them. I want to be in shape already. I want to be able to ride fast and well. I want, I want, I want!! ARGH!

This is how I ended up off of the bike, standing on the side of the road, crying, sniveling, and feeling sorry for myself. Thanks have to go out to the one cycling adonis who slowed as he passed me to ask if I was ok. I of course said I was fine and thank god that he didn't stop to see me crying! That one bit of human contact brought me back to my senses and I was back on the bike and pedaling away in minutes. I made it as far as the turn off for Calico Basin, which was at least a mile further than I had gone previously. Then I turned around and headed for home.

A week or two later Christine challenged me to complete my mission. This time she rode slowly with me, stopping often, and encouraging me up all the "hills" until we made it to the Red Rock Overlook. What an accomplishment! I was so happy with myself and so thankful for her support I was almost giddy! We were going to rest there, before riding back to town, but we learned that Sharon was on her way out, so we decided to wait for her. When she arrived I convinced both she and Christine to ride on to Blue Diamond and to pick me up on the way back.

I had time to take some photos from the Overlook... Waiting for them to return from Blue Diamond turned out to be a good move because while I was waiting for them my front tube exploded, thankfully I wasn't riding when it blew! I quickly removed the blown tube following the excellent instructions Cynthia had given to Sarah and I, and would have had it repaired if my CO2 fitting had been the right one for my valve stems. As it ended, Christine rode back into town, got my car, picked me and the Tank up, and we went off to coffee to rehash the day. What an adventure!!

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  1. Awesome! Robin I love that you were stubborn enough to not give up without going further than youhad before. What an accomplishment to have made it all the way to the overlook! I hope to be able to make it that far myself in the future.

    Great post!