Sunday, May 2, 2010

Susan G. Komen Results!

Saturday, May 1st, dawned clear and cool... the perfect morning for a race!

Sarah and I met with Sheri and Christine and we all headed downtown to the event. It was PACKED and so wonderful to see everyone out to support a good cause! We tried to gather some goodies, but the expo was really crowded. I never did find the Comprehensive Cancer Center table... I really liked the lip stuff they gave out last year and hoped that they had them again. Instead we saved our toes from being stepped on and went out to the race start.

While we were waiting we took a picture or two, and I continue to be amazed at the difference exercise has made in me. I haven't lost that much weight, but have toned up significantly.

Once the race started and the crowds thinned a bit we were able to set a pretty good pace, even breaking into a little jog now and then!! I held on to my Starbucks cup until around mile 2.5, then gave it up for the big finish. We ended the race at 1:03, which was more than 10 minutes faster than last year. Given the crowds at the start, we could have knocked another 10 minutes off of that time if we had started on the runners side. Ah well... next year we'll know!

End of the race photo... I love these chicas!!

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